In this episode...

...we answer some parent questions and reflect on some common threads of concern with our listeners.

In case it’s not obvious, shame is NOT a motivator.
Kids are struggling with motivation. It’s okay for parents to have expectations, but we often need to recalibrate those expectations. We offer ways to rethink how to communicate those expectations.

Is my kid depressed? Am I?
What’s the difference between the “blues” and something more serious. We give you the warning signs and what to do about it.

Exercise? What’s that?
How important is it to make sure your kids get some exercise when they are spending all day isolating in the house? Depending on their age, you probably can’t force them, nor should you. But if you engage them in a non-judgemental dialogue, you’ll have a better chance of getting buy in.

Is ignorance really bliss?
COVID is a complex, and potentially terrifying, topic to discuss with your kids, especially younger ones. We break down the key steps in talking to your younger kids about difficult subjects.


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