Private Counseling

Julie Ross M.A. is the author of five popular books on parenting and has been offering counseling and education to parents, teachers and caregivers for over thirty years. During that time, she has helped thousands of parents navigate a wide range of issues including bedtime, toilet training, behavioral and discipline problems, homework and sibling rivalry for children ranging in age from 12 months all the way through young adulthood.

During the initial session with the parents (she does not see the children), Julie does an intake to get a sense of the presenting challenge(s) as well as what the parents have done so far to deal with it. Based on this information she offers specific techniques and, with the parents input, "scripts", that can be used when the issue comes up in the home. The scripts are especially useful because, although they can sometimes feel stilted at first, they actually deescalate the often strong feelings that can come up when parents try to "wing it."

Our office is located on the west side of Manhattan at West 57th and Ninth Avenue. She offers sessions in person or by phone or video chat. We accept checks as well as all major credit cards.

To schedule an appointment or for more information please feel free to contact us.