About Parenting Horizons

For over 30 years, Parenting Horizons has helped thousands of parents, teachers and caregivers with hands-on, practical counseling, training and support. We also offer individual counseling (in-office or Skype/phone appointments) for parents as well as group workshops and seminars for both parents and teachers.

Whether you're a parent or a teacher, the role that you play in children's lives is terribly important. Unfortunately, it is also underrated, undervalued, and unsupported by society. And guiding, supporting, loving and teaching the children, tweens and teens in your life has become an even more difficult task as our society seems to be growing increasingly violent, media oriented and materialistic.

Yet when you reach out for support, what you'll most likely find in the majority of books, articles, and workshops is a lot of philosophy. But what happens when you get that philosophy home or back to the classroom? How do you then translate the philosophy into reality when you're faced with a difficult child, or with a child who won't listen to you? How do you work with philosophical ideals when you're feeling frustrated, angry, disappointed or guilty? 

The answer is, you can't. And you shouldn't have to. Translating philosophy into action should be our job, not yours.

So we'd like to give you a gift. The gift of practical skills. Skills that are easy to learn, easy to implement, and best of all, THEY WORK!!! No more translating, no more guesswork. Now you can relax, and simply enjoy the children in your life more fully.

Parenting Horizons, founded in 1988, seeks to integrate the expertise of professional psychologists and parent educators with the wisdom of past generations and the real world experience of parents and teachers like yourselves. Here you can develop a unique combination of skills to supplement and strengthen the love and devotion you have for the children in your life.

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